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Run in dev mode

To launch Saasform in dev mode, run:

cd src/webapp
yarn start:dev

Before submitting a PR, please run:

yarn lint
yarn test
yarn test:e2e

The first time you launch Saasform, you have to go through some prerequisites:

  1. Install dependencies
  2. Launch database
  3. Apply database migrations
  4. Build default theme

We recommend going through this list each time you upgrade Saasform to a new version.

Install dependencies

cd src/webapp
yarn install

Launch database

You need a MySQL or MariaDB database. Connection settings are in config/saasform.yml.

One option is to run MariaDB via our docker-compose config (from the project root):

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up saasform-db

Or, alternatively, you can run the db that you prefer.

Apply database migrations

We use typeorm to handle migrations. Connection settings are in ormconfig.json.

cd src/webapp
yarn migrate

Build default theme

cd src/themes/fresh
yarn install
yarn dev

If you’re not editing the theme, you can stop yarn with ctrl+c.

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