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Run in prod mode

To launch Saasform in prod mode, run:

cd src/webapp
node dist/main.js

The following describes how to create a production build:

  1. Build Saasform
  2. Package Saasform files

We recommend to launch Saasform in dev mode first at least once, so you can test basic prerequisites such as installing dependencies and setting up the database.

Build Saasform

To build Saasform run:

cd src/webapp
yarn build

The build bundles all Saasform source files into the directory dist/, however this doesn’t contain the dependencies that are in node_modules. If you want to create a minimal build, run:

cd src/webapp
rm -rf node_modules
yarn install --prod
yarn add nest
yarn build

Package Saasform files

To create a minimal dist package, e.g. in /tmp/app, run:

cd src/webapp
mkdir /tmp/app
cp -r dist /tmp/app
cp -r node_modules /tmp/app
cp -r ../../data/config /tmp/app
cp -r ../../data/emails /tmp/app
cp -r ../../data/pages /tmp/app
cp -r ../../data/themes /tmp/app

You can now test Saasform:

cd /tmp/app
node dist/main.js

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