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At a high level

  • Authentication (email+password, Google, more to come)
  • Subscription payments (Stripe)
  • User flows & webpages (registration, payments, handling expiration or password reset, etc.)
  • Google Analytics (including events & revenue)
  • Google Tag Manager (to add any custom integration you may need)

From your user’s perspective

  • Homepage, single page with product description, pricing, CTA
  • Signup & Login pages, redirect to your SaaS after registration/login
  • Legal pages (privacy policy & terms of service)
  • Email verification, password reset
  • User profile (first / last name, company, …, change email)
  • User security settings (change password, 2FA to come)
  • User billing page (add/replace credit card, view/download invoices)
  • Subscription lifecycle (free trial, email reminder on expiration or issues)
  • User team pages (invite users to the same account)
  • Landing pages

From your team’s perspective

  • All the web pages above, pre-built following best practices in UX
  • Authentication module for easy integration in your SaaS / backend
  • Admin dashboard to:
    • Configuring website properties and integration (e.g., SEO, Google Analytics)
    • Modify pricing, keeping website & Stripe in sync
    • Add/manage accounts, including enterprise accounts
    • Add/manage individual users
    • Configuring developer properties (domain, retrieve API & integration keys)
    • Customize your website content
    • Edit details on signup & checkout processes
    • Manage your website theme
    • Create custom landing pages
    • View custom analytics and reports

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