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Customize the Website

Now that Saasform is up and running, it’s time to customize it. We’ll cover:

  1. Website configuration and content
  2. Theme and pages
  3. Saasform configuration and integrations

As a general rule, everything you need sits in the data/ folder. And every time you make a change, you need to restart docker-compose to see it reflected.

Website configuration and content

Edit the file:


The variables should be self-explanatory and are grouped in sections:

  • main are the essential ones
  • integrations let you quickly add standard marketing tools like Google Analytics or Tag Manager. For Google Analytics we recommend v4 (G-xxx) but also support the older version (UA-xxx).
  • footer legal name and link to your socials.
  • home in order, everything you need to fill in your home page.

We realize it’s a lot of editing, but we’ve got you covered. First, you can leave sections blanks and they won’t display. Or, you can start with a more minimal theme. Read on.

Theme and pages

Edit the file:


This file contains several configurations for Saasform, covered in the next section.



Restart docker-compose and you’ll see Saasform on a minimal theme, ideal if all you need is a Single Sign On functionality.

Saasform configuration and integrations

The remaining of saasform.yml lets you configure the platform and integrations.

  • SAAS_REDIRECT_URL: the URL of your SaaS, where users are redirected when they log in or sign up.
  • SAASFORM_BASE_URL: the base URL of Saasform, used for example to send users verification emails.
  • SAASFORM_THEME: the theme, as described in the previous section.
  • TYPEORM_HOST, TYPEORM_PORT, etc.: the database configuration.
  • SENDGRID_API_KEY, SENDGRID_SEND_FROM: Sendgrid configuration to send emails to users.
  • STRIPE_API_KEY: Stripe configuration to accept payments. (and more to come)
Pro tip: you may have noticed some configurations have “weird” default like for Sendgrid or G-xxx for Google Analytics. By default, values ending on xxx are ignored.

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